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Clea, Kult Kyss, Memphis LK: Best Songs of The Week

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste.


Kult Kyss meld their various sonic influences on ‘Be Cool’

Unmistakable Melbourne duo Kult Kyss are back with another electrifying single.


Kult Kyss provide soaring ceremonial sounds on ‘Rituals’

There isn’t an artist in the world sounding like Melbourne duo KULT KYSS right now.


Artists to Watch in 2019: Kult Kyss

Electronic music is a genre that can be quite fickle at times.


Kult Kyss get euphoric on ‘EKKO’

Melbourne duo KULT KYSS (made up of producer HAXX and vocalist RROMARIN, who’s also established herself as a go-to vocal feature, working previously with GOLDEN FEATURES, THE PRESETS and LUCIANBLOMKAMP) have been remarkably consistent since their 2016 debut.



Purple Sneakers has teamed up with emerging photographer Joseph Crackett of ONLY ODD to hand pick and shoot some of the hottest artists performing at this year’s BIGSOUND.

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Purple Sneakers’ Guide to BIGSOUND’s Must-See Artists for 2018

BIGSOUND is once again upon us, with 2018’s festival line up boasting over 100 emerging artists all ready to show what they’re made of.


Getting weird and dark and fun with Kult Kyss

In a genre that is so loud and drenched in trends, fads and everyone vying for that little bit of attention, it can be hard to do the one thing that always works – be yourself and do what is true to you.

Guest Mix

Kult Kyss serve glitchy goodness with their carefully curated guest mix

After delivering one of my personal favourite reworks of the ever classic ‘Chase The Sun’ by Planet Funk, KULT KYSS have continued their run of innovation and electronic discovery with a new single.


Give in to Kult Kyss’ hypnotism on ‘Chi Cup’

Melbourne producers RROMARIN and HAXX are KULT KYSS, a duo mixing futuristic aesthetics and driving beats in their audio-visual collaboration.


Kult Kyss shake up Planet Funk’s classic anthem in new single, ‘Chase The Sun’

Melbourne’s KULT KYSS, aka Haxx (Jack) and Rromarin (Claire), are back after releasing ‘I Am One’ last year.

Spotlight Artist

Kult Kyss make another fresh, futuristic incantation with ‘I Am One’

Each week, we select one artist to feature as our Spotlight Artist.