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Death Club 7 drops the beautifully moody ‘Enemy’

DEATH CLUB 7 is the moniker of Brisbane-based producer/singer-songwriter PATRICK KING, and this genius is making some seriously beautiful electronic music.


Lana Del Rey ‘West Coast’ (ZHU Remix)

With a variety of great producers emerging around the globe, where better to get them all on Australian soil than at Listen Out.


WATCH: Lana Del Rey ‘Young & Beautiful’ Video

LANA DEL REY has unmasked a chilling music video to accompany her forsaken love ballad ‘Young and Beautiful’, which features on the soundtrack for BAZ LUHRMANN’S most recent and highly anticipated film, The Great Gatsby.

Soundcloud Wrap

SOUNDCLOUD WRAP: Tom Hutchins (We Talk, You Die)

Tom Hutchins is the Top Dog over at WE TALK YOU DIE, a blog dedicated to what’s new and different in music scenes here and overseas.


WATCH: Lana Del Rey ‘Chelsea Hotel No 2’ (Leonard Cohen Cover)

In a simple tweet, “new song”, LANA DEL REY has released her cover this week of LEONARD COHEN‘s 1974 ballad ‘Chelsea Hotel No.


LISTEN: Lana Del Rey ‘Summertime Sadness’ (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

RYAN HEMSWORTH brings his R&B aesthetics to Lana Del Rey’s sorrowful single ‘Summertime Sadness’, creating a dynamic yet sensual piece on the edge of trap and chill.


Our Top 50 Albums of 2012

This has been a seriously brilliant year for music and as a music site it’s basically a responsibility of ours to make a list of the best.


WATCH: Lana Del Rey ‘Bel Air’ (Official Video)

The video for the latest LANA DEL REY single is eery, unsettling and kind of sickly.


WATCH: The Rubens ‘The Best We Got’ (Official Video)

“They say these days are the best we got/ What a tragic thought”.


LISTEN: Lana Del Rey ‘Ride’ (MJ Cole Remix)

A quick peruse of the comments below the Soundcloud link for MJ COLE‘s remix of LANA DEL REY‘s ‘Ride’ suggests that while you might love the track, and you might love the beats, you won’t necessarily dig them all at once.


WATCH: Lana Del Rey ‘Ride’ (Official Video)

The latest video masterpiece from divisive Indie buzz artist LANA DEL REY: a poignant and enlightening portrayal of a genuine artist, or just another expertly produced tidbit to market a desirable product.


Lana Del Rey Bombs on Saturday Night Live

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe introduced a visibly uncomfortable LANA DEL REY, appearing on Saturday Night Live for her US Network Television debut performing internet hits ‘Video Games’ (19,822,468 Youtube Hits) and ‘Blue Jeans’ (5,760,778 Youtube Hits).