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Mezko practice a mantra of self-discipline away from the influence of outer forces

Combining a love for songwriting with a penchant for exploring the plains that live and breathe outside the land of conformity, Sydney duo MEZKO are incredibly skilled at transforming interesting ideas into our sonic reality.

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Artists to Watch in 2017: MEZKO

Take one Kat Harley, a Laura Bailey, a couple of guitars, krautrock influence, acid filtered synths, restrained vocals, and hints of sonic understanding from musical cultures outside of the Western world, to navigate one of the most distinctive Sydney outfits of today, and what do you get.


Mezko share glittery, stylish video for “Trust”

MEZKO is a Sydney duo creating some dark and synthy magic.


MEZKO ‘Steady On’

MEZKO are Laura Bailey and Kat Harley, a brand new Sydney two piece band with a grimy, punky electronic sound.