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Slum Sociable chat ‘L.I.F.’, confidence & intersectionality

Melbourne duo SLUM SOCIABLE, made up of Miller Upchurch and Edward Quinn, are celebrating the release of their first body of work since their 2017 self-titled debut record.


Slum Sociable announce national tour in support of their forthcoming EP ‘L.I.F.’

With their forthcoming EP L.


‘Get Low’ with upsidedownhead’s woozy electronica ft. Ric Rufio

With the exciting news that he’s signed to Liberation Records, Sydney producer upsidedownhead has treated us to a massive electronic track called ‘Get Low’, co-written and featuring throwback RnB dreamboat RIC RUFIO.


Two People go introspective and spiritual on ‘I’m Tied, To You’

For the last two years since the release of their debut singles, TWO PEOPLE have been working hard.