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‘Stay’ with Blush’ko is fundamental London Topaz listening

London Topaz returns strongly with his brand new single ‘Stay’ featuring Blush’ko via Daily Nightly Records.


Two unexpected remixes of London Topaz’s ‘Midnight’ that will keep you up at night

Melbourne producer LONDON TOPAZ has released two new remixes, courtesy of Piecey and Nutrition, of his song ‘Midnight’ that bring totally different perspectives to the catchy club track.


‘Open Your Eyes’ and ears for London Topaz and Dena Amy

LONDON TOPAZ and DENA AMY have teamed up to deliver a gentle and mystifying track.

Artists To Watch

Artists to Watch in 2017: London Topaz

Not much is known about LONDON TOPAZ, the latest production talent to emerge from the musical hotbed that is Melbourne.

Guest Mix

London Topaz goes to town with his dance Guest Mix

Melbourne producer, LONDON TOPAZ, doesn’t have much of a catalogue just yet, though already we can paint a picture of what he represents, thanks to the soft approach he takes to dance music.


London Topaz isn’t the kind of beat to ‘Let You Go’

A relative newcomer to our ears, LONDON TOPAZ is paving a way down Melbourne’s streets, and if the latest offering ‘Let You Go’ featuring vocalist JANEVA is anything to go by, those streets may soon be the insane pathways of the world’s stage.