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Lonelyspeck makes a dazzling return with new single & clip, ‘My Angel Goes Before Me’

Adelaide-based singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist Sione Teumohenga, AKA LONELYSPECK has returned with their first new material since 2017’s Lave EP.


PREMIERE: lonelyspeck takes on Odette’s huge ‘Watch Me Read You’

ODETTE is a name you might be familiar with, but if not, you definitely will be soon.


Jack Colwell’s ‘Seek The Wild’ gets a stunning remix by Lonelyspeck

Alright, so if you’ve heard the bouncing, ceaseless fun that is the original version of ‘Seek The Wild’, you’d know that JACK COLWELL has a voice that is completely lacquered in soul and booms at every given moment.


Simo Soo & Sissi Reagan give us not your average ‘Love Song’

SIMO SOO truly has no fucks to give.


Lonelyspeck wants us all to have a ‘Happy New Year’

I’m pretty sure I’ve started every article I’ve written recently with ‘2016 was shit’, constructed in various ways.


Lonelyspeck will submerse you in ‘All My Skin On The Air’

Adelaide producer LONELYSPECK, otherwise known as Sione Teumohenga, is back with new single ‘All My Skin On The Air’, following his 2014 debut EP Presence.


Anatole remixes his ‘Surrounds’

ANATOLE is this one in a million kind of producer, who is this blur between orchestral and electronic.


Lonelyspeck ‘Wring’

Boasting a small family lineup with some really cool up and coming artists (namely Spirit Faces and Anatole), the legends over at TEEF Recordings are really big on keeping their mates involved.