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WRAP UP: Meredith Music Festival 2015

Another year and another family, pre-Christmas visit to Aunty Meredith has come and gone.


Neon Indian on playing Frankenstein in the creation of his sonic love letter to NYC

From Psychic Chasms to Era Extrana and his latest effort, Vega Intl.


Neon Indian Announces 2015 Australian Tour

Coming off the back of a massive day where a new single was released and a new album was announced, NEON INDIAN has just let slip that he will be offering up these new tunes to Australia as one of the first locations on his new LP tour.


Neon Indian ‘Annie’

It’s been a long time between drinks for NEOON INDIAN, but yesterday ushered in the release of his first song in two years, titled ‘Annie’.


The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends Track Listing

Oh God, I’m more excited now about Record Store Day, April 21st, than I was when we found out about the Bon Iver– THE FLAMING LIPS collaboration.


Purple Sneakers Playlists on Rdio

Here at Purple Sneakers, we kind of like music.


LISTEN: Neon Indian ‘Hex Girlfriend (Twin Shadow Remix)’

Opening with a bizarre swirl of rudimentary synth sounds and then exploding in to a straight-up synth-pop track, ‘Hex Girlfriend’ was already a standout track from NEON INDIAN’s latest LP Era Extraña.


LISTEN: Palindromes ‘Come Over’

What, you think palindromes stopped being cool in middle school.


TOP FIVES: Hugh McClure From Indie Shuffle

Do you like turtles.


Playground Weekender Festival Cancelled

Very sad to report today that NSW’s PLAYGROUND WEEKENDER FESTIVAL that was scheduled to take place this weekend has been cancelled due to very wet weather.


WATCH: Neon Indian’s ‘Fallout’

‘Fallout’ is my favourite cut from NEON INDIAN’s most recent album Era Extraña; It employs a killer 80s synthpop beat, complimented nicely by dreamy lo-fi vocals.


The Flaming Lips Versus Bon Iver

Who do you think would win in a fight between WAYNE COYNE and BON IVER.