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The Seventh Time Around: Chatting new albums, the importance of visuals and collaborations with Pond

POND‘s seventh record in nine years, The Weather, is out May 5th – their first record since 2015’s Man, It Feels Like Space Again.


WATCH: Pond ‘Midnight Mass (At The Market Street Payphone) (Official Video)

Perth tastemakers POND released their fifth studio album Hobo Rocket in August this year.


STREAM: Pond ‘Hobo Rocket’ LP

POND, the band made up of some TAME IMPALA boys and some more talented musicians that just all play together greatly like one big happy – perhaps also a little distorted – family.


ALBUM REVIEW + FREE STREAM: Tame Impala ‘Lonerism’

Perth psychedelic dudes TAME IMPALA are about to release their second full-length LP Lonerism and you’re probably wondering, will it be as good as Innerspeaker.



Last week, PURPLE SNEAKERS caught up with Jay Watson, lead guitarist from Perth psychedelic outfit POND.