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TOP 10 PICS: Coachella, Week 1

Didn’t get a chance to catch any the web stream for COACHELLA week one.


FLASHBACK: Grinderman

‘No Pussy Blues’ was my ringtone for a year.


LISTEN: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ‘We No Who U R’ + Aus Tour

I made the mistake of deciding to cram all the NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS news into one post.


Top 10 Potential Fathers For My Indie Baby

I have to begin this post with a disclaimer.


WIN: Japandroids ‘Celebration Rock’ LPs

Is it June 29th yet or what.


LISTEN: Clubfeet ‘City of Light’ / ‘This Time’

Guys, its been a bit of a wait.


LISTEN: Japandroids ‘Jack the Ripper’

Let me make this clear from the very beginning.


TOP FIVES: Hannah Story

There are three things you need to know about 19 year old Sydneysider, Hannah Story: she wears glitter eyeliner to the office, she has a massive jones for the late Henry Miller and she’s going to publish a beat novel someday.


Purple Sneakers Rdio Playlist

Yes, yes, every week we’ll be posting to remind you that we have a brand new playlist up on RDIO for your listening pleasure.


Top 10 Songs For The Lovelorn

Have you had your heart trodden on recently.