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WATCH: ‘A Trip With Ego’ Video Mixtape

With the news of just signing to Aussie label Modular and with his latest live club tour of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa just wrapping up, tripped out audio visual DJ odyssey EGO shows no sign of slowing down with the release of his visual mixtape extravaganza, appropriately dubbed ‘A TRIP WITH EGO‘.


WATCH: Ego x Modular Video Mixtape

So here at Purple Sneakers we love the mixtapes that come out of all of our favourite artists and I’m sure you love them too, but what about video mixtapes.


WATCH: Ego ‘Watch Your Ego’ Video Mixtape

Melding together sound and vision seamlessly, with finesse and a razor sharp wit EGO‘s latest video mixtape is everything remix culture should be aspires to.