WATCH: Ladyhawke ‘Black White & Blue’

Everyone’s favourite 80’s pop reincarnation LADYHAWKE is back with a new video for lead single ‘Black White & Blue’. Taken from her second studio album Anxiety, due to be released very soon. The clip is a little more subdued than her previous works but still has that classic Ladyhawke cool kitsch we all know and love. 

Filmed in Auckland late last year, the clip is a remake of the late 70’s classic film ‘The Eyes Of Laura Mars’ featuring Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones. Ms Ladyhawke plays the role of photographer at a high-end fashion shoot, doing a bang up job of looking important and aloof. If nothing else, this clip will have you crying ‘don’t bring back the safari suit!’ or at least asking what the hell happened to Tommy Lee Jones?

Words by Chloe Cooper.



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