Musica Copa: Music Industry Charity Football Tournament

musica copa

Have you ever wanted to see a plethora of Australia’s most popular touring artists, TV & radio personalities, label representatives, and industry legends go up against each other head to head in a heated battle of wits and athletic strength in the form of a soccer (football, for you elitists out there) match? Me too. And guess what? It’s happening. There will be blood.

Some of the biggest name’s in the Aussie dance music industry have been announced on the team-sheet for the first official 5-a-side football tournament, the inaugural Musica Copa.

Set to take place at Marrickville’s KIKOFF industrial complex on Thurs Dec 5th, Musica Copa is officially partnered with ARIA Week and the Electronic Music Conference (EMC). So it’s official, this tournament isn’t going to be half-hearted/half-assed – it’s set up to be an event full of playful competition and good times, hopefully with a few brawls added in for good measure – kidding, of course!

In the state of the art outdoor setting, players and spectators will be able to congregate and chit-chat alongside their music industry peers with plenty of ice-cold beer on-hand and also a Portuguese BBQ thrown in for the heckuvit. And, of course it wouldn’t be much of a music industry event without the addition of some after-party celebrations soundtracked by some of the great DJ’s that will be in attendance, and not to mention some ‘very special guests’!

Teams from Sterosonic, Modular, Future Classic, Ministry of Sound and Sweat It Out will be holding it down for the electronic community, with Channel V, FBi Radio, inthemix and The Mushroom Group set to have their big swingers ready to lock the trophy up for keeps for the industry heads!

Amongst these teams, a huge number of national talent has already been confirmed for these teams in the first round of announcements, with the likes of Van She, Canyons, What So Not, Rufus, Movement, Dan Single, Yolanda Be Cool and Danny Clayton all coming aboard for this football fight to the death. Many more all-star players are yet to be announced, and with a host of international talent set to be in the country at the time of the match don’t be surprised if there are more than a few special guests ready to join the fray.

All that said, there is still little over a month and a half until Música Copa begins, so that gives you more than enough time to brush up on your football skills and to check out the rulebook. As well as that, you can head over to the official Música Copa pages to get the low down on new announcements as soon as they are ready.

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Words by Nick Luke



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