Purple Sneakers’ Best Songs of 2020 (So Far)

Best songs of the year

To say 2020 has been a wild ride would be an understatement. Natural disasters and global pandemics and the consequent aftermaths have changed our lives around the world forever. The worldwide music industry came to a sudden and crashing halt overnight, and no one really knows if or when it will return to normal again. Not to mention the impending climate crisis, political upheaval and global civil unrest, and you’d be forgiven for never wanting to read the news again.

In saying that though, there has been some silver linings along the way as well. Communities are coming together stronger than ever, people across the world are reaching out to support those who can, and there’s a sense globally that we really all are in this together.

It’s also been an incredible year for music so far. We’ve had artists continue to flip the script of what it means to be releasing music in 2020, artists delivering career-defining records and artists returning with their first singles in five years. Homegrown heroes are at the top of their games, and we’ve still got some hugely anticipated records still to come. We’ve seen artists use their time in isolation to be incredibly productive, and we’ve seen artists we thought might not come back at all return in all their glory. There has been so many fantastic releases in just the first four months of this year, so we here at Purple Sneakers thought we’d take on the near-impossible job of going through a few of our absolute favourites. Songs we’ve come back to over and over throughout the last 12 weeks or so. While we would be here for a very long time if we were to list all our favourite songs so far, we’ve managed to narrow it down to just five songs each, and we’ve provided some words on our best pick so far.

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S.C.D.D Hazmat Team – Boom
Andy Garvey – Complex Clarity
Mall Grab – Sunflower
Kettama – London Break
Human Movement – Elevate

Pick of the year has to be the latest from Human Movement in the form of ‘Elevate’. The project hosted solely now by Edward McDonald has been producing banger after banger and is more reliable than a Big Mac meal after a big night out. Trust me, don’t sleep on ‘Elevate’.


Four Tet – Baby
Chaos In The CBD – It’s Up To Me
Thundercat – Funny Thing
DJ Python – Pia
Andras – Poppy

I’ve chosen ‘Poppy’ by Andras from his Joyful LP. The entire album lives up to its title and this sweet relaxed house track is purely melancholic at heart. ‘Poppy’ is an immersive ode to classic romantic synths that goes beyond typical nostalgic revelations, standing out as a new light in understated dance music.


Tornado Wallace – Jungle Dream
Fio Fa – Fantasm
De Grandi – 2,75€
Heritage – The Revelation
VIGILE – Kreepin Kut

Scottish producer VIGILE rides successfully off the back of the electro renaissance to keep dance floors bouncing with a winning formula of slamming kicks, steely bassline and a catchy rap sample.


MOURN – Call You Back
Evan Klar & NOVAA – Figure It Out
The Phazes – Hollywood
Tame Impala – Is It True
Grimes – Delete Forever

As a die-hard Grimes fan, it surprises me that her more sedated, country-music-inspired songs don’t get a better wrap. ‘Delete Forever’ is a very melancholic, yet A+ example of this and gives a very solid nod the the artists Dolly Parton-esque tendencies. The video clip is also phenomenal.


The Pom Poms – I Was on The News
Oh God – Jerskin Fendrix
Oklou – entertnmnt
Zebra Katz/Shygirl/Sega Bodega – Lick It n Split
Alice Longyu Gao – Rich Bitch Juice (Laura Les Remix)

Laura Les of 100gecs takes over Alice Longyu Gao‘s ‘Rich Bitch Juice’ and turns it into a chaos-based anthem for being a whole fucking lot.


Charli XCX – Forever
Ninajirachi – Cut The Rope
Porter Robinson – Something Comforting
Gracie Abrams – 21
Lastlings – Take My Hand

From the beginning ebbing bass, ‘Take My Hand’ it’s a late night drive kind of track that pulls you through the night and into the euphoria.


Stenny – Upsurge
Konduku- White Heron
Priori – On a Nimbus
Shanti Celeste – Tangerine
Minor Science – Blue Deal

It was a tough choice but I had to go with this one. The amount of details in this track are wild; cheeky sleights of hand reveal themselves upon repeat listens and the entire album is a showcase of a producer 100% at the top of their game.


Bicep – Atlas
Eris Drew – Fluids of Emotion
Christine And The Queens – I disappear in your arms
Boys Noize – Girl Crush (Ft. Rico Nasty)
Jamie xx – Idontknow

I don’t remember the last time a song made such an impression on me from the very first listen. Jamie xx is at his absolute finest on this one, and after months of this track being teased from his peers all over the world, its now finally here and it is glorious.

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