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Beth Million

22-year-old New York City/Atlanta artist BETH MILLION is someone you need on your radar. Her latest single, ‘Rewind’, pairs her gorgeous, soulful vocals with eclectic, trap-leaning production to create a warm, glowing listen as she invites you into her world with her own introspection. All about providing comfort and reassurance to those we love, it’s a vital release for the times we all find ourselves in at the moment, and one that has been on heavy repeat since we first heard it.

Based out of New York City and Atlanta, Beth spent a significant part of her life in Geneva, Switzerland, and has developed a loyal following in both Europe and the US. With ‘Rewind’ now out in the world via NYU‘s Village Records (a program run by NYU’s music business program and led by Grammy-winning engineer and producer J.C. Losada), Beth looks set to continue this intercontinental growth as we can’t wait to hear more. Read on for our quick chat with the rising star and listen to ‘Rewind’ right here:

Who are you?

My name is Beth Million and I’m an R&B artist based in New York City. I originally grew up in Geneva, Switzerland and am of Ethiopian descent. I recently graduated from NYU and am now pursuing music full-time which has been really exciting. The three most important things in my life during this quarantine are coffee from my keurig, my dog, and ketchup. It’s definitely the little things that matter!

How did Beth Million come to be?

Music has always been a really integral part of everything that I do. From a young age I was never one to keep quiet and I eventually found that turning noise into melodies was much more enjoyable for those around me. As I got older and pursued musical theater, I quickly realized that the power of storytelling drives the world around me. The memories I created, the music on the radio, and the TV shows I watched. Moving to New York from Geneva for college unlocked a creative permission within myself to release the stories that I have always wanted to share. As a drama major, acting had been my main focus. I did have a bank of original music written, but it just never felt fully accessible to me. After undergoing some pretty difficult experiences, I reached a point where I craved to express myself through a different medium. My relationship with creating music shifted from a wish to something I ultimately felt the need to be doing. I knew I was comfortable being on stage and felt most powerful there, so the thought of performing these songs and connecting with audiences felt like the next natural decision. I started performing with my friends who made music and over time I found a really incredible group of people who later became my core band. I consider these people as family and together we’ve performed throughout New York City for the past year and a half. Having the opportunity to perform at venues like The Mercury Lounge and The Apollo Theater has been insane. When I first moved to New York City I would go to shows at these same venues and dreamed of performing at. To think that I now get to be one of those acts is a position I never saw myself being in and feel so fortunate to do.

What are we talking vibe wise?

At heart I’m a late 90’s and early 2000’s R&B fanatic. From dancing alongside MTV music videos in my living room to blasting Usher and Brandy, I always felt a really strong creative connection to this era of music. Ms. Lauryn Hill is one of my ultimate inspirations. From her lyricism to her melodies she is the epitome of an artist that I aspire to be like. Lyrically, I pull from personal experiences and value authenticity more than anything. My inner R&B baby is always seeking to partner a strong baseline with groovy melodies. I’m always in for a good time and I want to ensure my live shows emulate that, whether through corny humor or unsolicited knee-slides.

Tell us more about your single Rewind?

I wrote “Rewind” at the start of the year without the intention of ever releasing it. At the time I wrote it for someone that I love very much who I felt a need to get through to. The lyrics were essentially things that I had been saying in previous conversations that were just not landing the way I intended them to. Music was one way I knew that I could best get this across. This song came to life after an early session with Julian Kaufman, who produced the track. We were originally working on a different project when I unintentionally started humming the melody to “Rewind.” Out of pure curiosity, I sang “Rewind” over one of his beats and that became our main project before we knew it. In working with both Julian and JC Losada, who mixed and mastered the track, I really started to see everything come to life. Through the help of the Village Records team, I was able to release the song and an accompanying lyric video. At its core, this song is my way of providing comfort and reassurance to those who need it. Throughout the production process I always wanted the song to feel like a big hug and I feel like that’s what people need the most right now during these difficult times. Though this song and its meaning were initially intimate to just me, I am so glad to have it out to the world where people can interpret it however they need it the most.

What can we expect from you in the months ahead?

Music, lots of it! I’m in the process of recording my debut EP which I plan to release within the next coming months. While I love performing more than anything, I’ve been using this time to explore my creativity and make something of it. I’m in a place where I know exactly what I want to do and I can’t wait to share that with the world! There’s a lot to look forward to.

Where can we hear from you?

My music is available on all digital streaming platforms under “Beth Million.” You can find me on the ‘gram @BethlehemMillion . Lastly, my music videos are on my YouTube Channel as well as some corny 2015 covers if you feel inclined.

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