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Live Review: Ash Kennedy infuses pop and soul for feelgood new single 'Chocolate In The Morning'

16 November 2020 | 12:04 pm | Claudia Fallon

Ash Kennedy is back on our radars with her second single 'Chocolate In The Morning', flaunting her youthful, warm and soulful sound.

Sharing the intimacies of her personal life through infectious pop and lush RnB, Ash Kennedy is fresh off the block having released her debut love laden single 'Point Of View' earlier this year. Following praise for her first release, this Melbourne artist is back with her second single 'Chocolate In The Morning', flaunting her youthful, warm and soulful sound. Unashamedly shedding light on her insecurities, this new music tells a timely message to love yourself and your body beyond superficiality.

Warm and bright, 'Chocolate In The Morning' is dripping in passionate feminine energy. Intertwining elements of soul and jazz through slick guitar melodies and emotive vocals, 'Chocolate In The Morning' evokes a gentle tenderness in listeners who could quite easily drift away with these smooth sounds. Creating a warm embrace through down-tempo beats and rich RnB sensibilities, Ash produces a positive sentiment that resounds throughout the track. With vocals that are ever so sweet and brimming with optimistic lyricism, Kennedy waves goodbye to body shamers as she reclaims the term 'fat' as an endearing notion. With her iso-boyfriend by her side, 'Chocolate In The Morning' is an exploration of self-love, as the couple learns to shamelessly love themselves no matter what shape or size.

Once again, Ash has joined forces with Ben Oldland to co-write and produce 'Chocolate In The Morning', following a Zoom writing session that delved into isolation love stories. Talking about the meaning behind her track, Kennedy said, “I spilled to Ben about my new iso-boyfriend; who is an amazing cook, my best friend, but cringes at the thought of pet names and big romantic gestures. We laughed at how I playfully taunt him by referring to him as ‘pumpkin’ and other food related pet names. I’m a teeny bit of a stirrer, so I thought it would be hilarious to write a song about our relationship in isolation with extra cheese!”

Showcasing her love of RnB and strong influences in jazz and soul, 'Chocolate In The Morning' is a bright addition to Ash's music, proving she is able to flaunt her talent while staying true to herself. Choosing to love herself unconditionally, Kennedy is the voice of reason we all need to reinvigorate our spirit and embrace who we are, looks and all.

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Image: Ash Kennedy Facebook page