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Live Review: Mazde and Rromarin join forces to confirm chill-wave electronic is far from 'Fading Out'

14 July 2017 | 7:23 am | Natalie Turner

MAZDE has been pumping out a stream of re-works that have distilled a longing for club nights back in our hearts once more.

You won’t quite find another boogie track as infectious or as bold as the remixes that German born producer, MAZDE has been pumping out over the last few years. The consecutive stream of re-works he has collated from artists such as LEMAITRE, RÜFÜS and our personal favourite, DISCLOSURE’S ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’, have distilled a longing for club nights back in our hearts once more.

Ever since hit Youtube channel SuicideSheep, got on board with his electrified Disclosure remix, the track racked up over 38.6 million views and had Mazde trumping the electronic charts ever since. The detailed unravelling of copious layered electronic elements has created an audio presence like no other; a presence so strong you can almost instantly picture yourself right in front of his live shows. You won't often find an artist who can single-handedly create a live presence just through audio releases but this is why Mazde holds a special place in our heart, and should hold one in yours too.

No wonder he has been picked to perform through the European Festival circuit, as his past accomplishments have made it a very, very easy decision. But if that wasn’t a reason in itself, his latest track ‘Fading Out’ sure is.

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Featuring RROMARIN, the other half of sparkling Melbourne act KULT KYSS, the pair become a match made in heaven as Mazde provides a smooth gliding vessel for Rromarin's vocals to inhabit. The track, released as a collab release between Stoney Roads Records and the one and only DIM MAK, is layered with such precision that it cements both of their talents firm into the ground. Light and breathable, Mazde gives enough room for Rromarin's voice to move as he creates an exceptional electronic experience. There doesn’t need to be bass drops, throbbing industrial samples or even a hectic intro to engage electronic listeners; sometimes it’s the slow and considered infusion of rich synths and crisp beats that makes you stop, think, and boogie. ‘Fading Out’, does just that.

Mazde creates a gentle bed of beats for Rromarin's falsetto, fairy like vocals and it's ticking every box. Relaxed chill-wave? Check. Boogie chorus beat? Check. Enchanting production? Check. We could continue but we would be here all night. Our only advice is to save yourself time and listen ASAP - Mazde has never disappointed and ‘Fading Out’ is no exception.