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Live Review: Mild Minds' 'SWIM' remix EP showcases some of the best

28 January 2019 | 2:48 pm | Julie Fenwick

Alongside Mild Mind’s newly found membership into ODEZA’s Foreign Family Collective, comes the drop of his EP' sRemix Album including Cabu and Roland Tings.

The drop of MILD MINDS' recent solo 3-track EP SWIM cemented him as a valuable member of ODEZA’s Foreign Family Collective and gained him attention from online forums and fans alike. Now he’s put together a vibrant assemblage of remixes showcasing some of the most talented names in electronic production. They include, Sydney- based CABU, Melbourne’s CHRISTOPHER PORT, Melbourne house-producer ROALND TINGS, fellow FFC artist FORD., and Californian-producer DAEDELUS.

Of the EP, Mild Minds' says, ‘For me, this project was all about letting go and doing things differently’. And excitingly, the producers on board for the remix album showcases MILD MINDS' works in an entirely different light.

With signature-style, Cabu slows the second track ‘Weak Signals’ off the original EP right down, introducing a percussion based take. Slow piano chords introduce the vocals, the backing production is stripped right back leaving focus on the lyrics, until in Cabu style, a heavy load of synths separates the intro from the main melody.

Oppositely, Christopher Port’s take on the title track ‘Swim’ adds more. More percussion, more effects and more layers. The vocals seem to come from underwater fitting the track to its title and the effect he creates is more sinister, reinforced by the use of loud, thwarting drums and symbols.

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The third remix of the collection belongs to Roland Tings and hones in on his galactic, acid brand of house.

The fourth, Ford.‘s mix is by far the slowest. It's reminiscent of early Bon Iver, specifically 'Wolves (I and II)', only until the melodic bass drops in however, leaving the remix to embody a slow electronic pop ballad.

Finally, Daedelus’ take on ‘Weak Signals’ brings back the upbeat pace, layering the vocals and in the process, introduces a kaleidoscope of tropical drums, bringing the Bahamas to Australia.

Mild Minds' remix album finds success in its structure, both to accentuate each artists unique sounds but also to create a cohesive and well-paced listen that honestly and authentically pays homage to the original tracks. With Mild Minds' newly found membership into ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective, the drop of his SWIM EP and remix record to follow were fitting for his inauguration.