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Live Review: PREMIERE: TXNK plays on power in her bass filled remix of Nussy's 'Hard As Diamonds'

10 July 2017 | 2:29 pm | Natalie Turner

DJ/producer TXNK showcases her own personality whilst simultaneously paying tribute to Nussy’s sample filled heaven.

‘Hard As Diamonds’ was the entrancing electronic track released by Melbourne synth-pop artist NUSSY. Released this past January, it spiralled onto the airwaves with its own synth-woven attitude and captivated listeners with its layered production. Fast forward to now, and the Melbourne talent has released three new and diverse remixes from some of Australia’s rising electronic stars, putting their own spin on 'Hard As Diamonds'.

The releases came in light of Nussy’s unfortunate diagnosis of a benign cyst in one of her vocal folds, which sadly prevented her from creating any new music and even putting a hold on her live shows. But this unfortunate situation confirms that something good can come out of bad situation as she enlisted the help of fellow artists to create some seriously addictive remixes.

All three renditions of ‘Hard As Diamonds' bring something extremely unique to the already incredibly versatile track, however Adelaide DJ/producer TXNK showcases her own personality whilst simultaneously paying tribute to Nussy’s sample filled heaven. The general foundation of the track has stayed in tact, as the pace is lifted a little before a trap infused bass line is added between choruses and versus.

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TXNK has not held anything back as the drop is hypes even the most monotonous of characters. There’s endless twists and turns, samples and manipulated percussion that all sounds a little like an industrial rave. The bass lines are positioned so perfectly in between Nussy’s sublime vocals so much so, its as settling as it is outrageously hyperactive. If you’re pondering out your office window longing for your early 20’s stamina of five day raves, then this is the track to kickstart old habits; it truly takes you to a new dimension of sonic pleasure. We recommend grabbing this remix with two hands and appreciating its original quality and new intertwined sparks of production that TXNK has graced it with.

In celebration of not only this exceptional remix but the other two from Aussie producing legends SAATSUMA and TOYAH HOETZEL, Nussy will be playing a DJ set for you lucky Sydney and Melbourne residents. But, for now, chuck your headphones on and enjoy a hand crafted, hard hitting fix of bass infused electronic.

Venue and dates:

Fanny at Franny’s - Melbourne - July 14th

Secret Garden - Melbourne - July 15th

World Bar - Sydney - July 21st